Dear jobseaker,

We are for our good customer looking for drivers to distribute packages and letters during the night across most of Jutland.

The positions are all going to be on a contract, so a considered profile could be: a student, or someone with a part-time job that would like additional hours. Maybe you know a candidate that would fit this job.

The customer has 28 distribution centers across Jutland, from where you will have your base.

You will have to be able to work 6 nights a week between 01:00 – 06:00 where the distribution will take place. An average worknight will be between 3 to 5 hours of work.

It will mainly be by scooter, so you will need to have a driving license.

The customer is looking to increase the number of dedicated workers, so it is therefore important that you can live up to the following:

  • That you are stable – the customer needs someone they can rely on – every day.
  • That you care about your job – the customer needs someone who in the best possible way can represent them.
  • That you can provide a criminal record.
  • Drivers License

Does this sound like a job you can see yourself in, please send your resume/CV to the  following address:

We will go through the applicants as they come in, and do a presentation for the customer. It is therefore important that you accept that your resume/CV  will be presented to a third party.

Should you be taken into consideration for the job, we will contact you, and present you for further details about the job.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.